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Services & technological solutions for the financial markets

Services & technological solutions for the financial markets



Services & Solutions

Our talented internal team as well as our esteemed partners are ready to provide you with all the advice and services that your company needs to succeed.

Advisory Services

Benefit from our extensive and deep experience in banking and financial services companies, working with well-known and internationally successful brands.

Updates & Support

35,500 end users can’t be wrong.
We offer incredible support and updates for all our products!

Regulatory, Advisory, Accounting, Auditing & Tax, Legal & Corporate Solutions

Our team of experts is ready to help you navigate through a challenging environment and turn potential issues into opportunities.

Unparalleled experience and expertise in obtaining global licenses in EU and offshore jurisdictions for investment firms including Forex Brokers (FX & CFDs)

Increasing regulation globally and the introduction of MiFID II in EU countries have added complexity in applying for and operating an investment firm. Selecting the right advisory firm to guide you through the process and help you operate has never been more essential.

With regulatory pressure increasing around the world, we are the right partner for any investment firm that needs support in running an efficient and high quality compliance function

Our very experienced compliance team provides support on all compliance and AML related matters. We assist companies globally during the full cycle of the compliance function, from the initial set up to ongoing support.

The way investment firms operate in Europe will change fundamentally. We can help you address the challenges and realize the opportunities that MiFID II can bring

The EU’s revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (together MiFID II) will go-live in January 2018. MiFID II seeks to make financial markets in Europe more transparent, resilient and investor-friendly.

We assist Electronic Money Institutions (EMI) and Payment Institutions (PI) with the Initial set-up and licensing services and also provide ongoing support post authorisation

Electronic Money Institutions (EMI) and Payment Institutions (PI) are becoming integral parts of the Global economy. Cyprus is quickly becoming a hub for such institutions with the Central Bank of Cyprus having general oversight of the sector.

Investment firms must employee qualified individuals that hold relevant certificates in order to carry out their duties. We organize regular exam preparation sessions carried out by industry experts

Investment Firms providing investment and other ancillary services within Cyprus are expected to employ individuals who hold appropriate qualifications. These individuals are expected to hold Professional Competence Certificates that reflect their ability to carry out such activities.

We offer a variety of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses that cover requirements for the CySEC certificate holders

It is compulsory that certified persons need to undergo annual training to satisfy the criteria of Continuing Professional Development in order to maintain their certification. Our seminars focus on satisfying the CPD requirements of the CySEC.

Greater than 35,500 end users are utilising our Portal and CRM solutions to Optimise the way they work

Our CRM and Back Office solutions allows for a Configurable appropriateness tests, suitable for different regulatory requirements and adjustable rules for setting leverages, deposit amounts. When it comes to our Client Portal, the business-end of your website, controlling the on-boarding process of registration, document uploading and funds management.

Software solutions packed with GREATER-THAN features

Decimal 62 Software Solutions

Class leading, intuitive CRM, tailored to your brand.


Smart auto-tagging, filters and uber-fast sortable data tables.


Designed to work anywhere and on all screen sizes and devices.


Define how the client front-end displays its data through detailed permission settings.


Client portal is designed with UX in mind, to be ultra simple, presenting data clearly across devices.

Our CRM system is a top rated business solution for many reasons. It comes jam-packed with great features and our open demo to review beta tests and new releases. At the same time we keep things clean and simple, so users with little or no technical knowledge can enjoy our products as well.

In addition, we love to hear from our customers. Want a new feature? No problem! Chances are, it’ll get included in the next release for free. Something complex? No worries, we can talk about that. We’re here to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible.

Get notified of all the latest updates and beta test releases

We do not share your data with 3rd parties under any circumstances.

What our customer say

We spoke to Decimal 62 about providing a simple CRM solution, off-the-shelf. We ended up with liquidity, trading systems, training and certification in addition to a CRM that gets better with each release.

Financial Services CEOEU Regulated Broker

I love the fact I can approve Leads from my phone outside the office. The compliance module rocks!

Anna MariaCompliance

Real support by real people

We offer the best support and service – its “GREATER THAN” you can imagine! Use our support hotline if you have any questions and our team will respond. Join our community of happy customers today.

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