• Website Design Services

    As the online focal point of your business, your website is the first impression made to your potential customers. And, first impressions count.

    Web Design and Developemnt

Website Design

Bringing your website to life with original, intuitive and effective website design solutions.

The common saying goes that “Content is King”, and while we don’t dispute that in the least, we do believe that content works twice as effectively with design that complements it. We, at Decimal 62, create unique designs for your website which capture and reflect your business’ character, products and key messaging.

Website Development

Developing your website with the most cutting-edge technology tools and resources.

Once the content and website design are finalized, there’s only one thing left to do: bring them together on a live and fully functional website. This phase of the implementation process is called website development; it’s the coming together and final execution of all the creative work done so far.

How Does It Work?

Website design is created bearing in mind the industry, product and audience of the given company. A web designer’s ultimate goal is to capture a business’ brand identity through the creation of intuitive and unique layouts and images. And when it comes to coding, by developing markup language and coding, web developers make a website functional, appealing and user-friendly on PC, tablet and mobile devices.

Why Use It?

Effective website design is vital because consumers are visual creatures. A website design not only creates a first impression in a viewer’s mind, but is the ultimate incarnation of whatever message is trying to be communicated. What about coding? Well, effective web development is important because the last thing a visitor to a website wants is to experience poor functionality, disappointing loading time and an inability for that site to appear and perform well on other devices aside their PC.

Making the Right Impression

  • Adaptive and responsive design

  • Localized design for different target markets

  • Strong UX with CRO

  • Logos and branding