• Crowdfunding Platform

    The back office system provides a full suite of AML and KYC procedures for approving clients alongside management of issuers and projects.

    Crowdfunding Software

Crowdfunding raises finances from investors all over the world*, who will invest in projects of all sizes in one trading ecosystem.
*depending on your regulatory restrictions

One of our most exciting Products! The crowdfunding platform enables brokerages to create investment projects, and use the power of the crowd to fund the development.

Additionally for brokers, the secondary market provides an opportunity to be the market maker, enabling the buying and selling of “e-shares” in each project.

Brokers can rest assured, that the back office provides all the regulatory and compliance reporting needed plus historic performance KPI checks and auditing reports for birds-eye performance monitoring.

For the investor, the crowdfunding platform provides a robust trading platform experience, whereby monies are deposited securely into an wallet, and thereafter used to buy e-shares in investment projects, whether at the start of a project or as part of the secondary market, once development is underway.

Purchasing e-shares gives the investor an opportunity to earn a dividend payment from the project, whether on the sale of the project or from monthly rentals.