Senior Graphic Designer

Designing the GUI for our pioneering investment-grade trading platform. Leading a team in developing strategic marketing creative. Establishing the brand identity and assets for the foremost fintech brand in the Europe.

The Company

Decimal 62 is a leading software and solutions provider to the financial services industry; including (but not limited to!): Financial Services and banking, Portfolio management, Insurance, Credit providers, Brokerages, Fund & property investment firms.

We aim to work hard and play hard, being greater than our competitors and your last employment.

The Position

4+ years’ experience creating fantastic UX in complex situations. Designs and layouts which work to the maximum on large screens and mobile devices. Advertising creative that sells and brings in the business.

The Location

A comfortable desk in warm sunny Limassol, Cyprus.

Why Apply?

Be part of something new, and ground breaking.
Put your stamp on a visual design to challenge the old-way of doing business
Because you want to be challenged, work hard and have fun at the same time.

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